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JXG36076 electromagnetic pulse valve

JXG36076 electromagnetic pulse valve

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Product use:

The electromagnetic pulse valve (also known as the diaphragm valve) is the compressed air "switch" of the ash spray system of the pulse bag dust collector. Controlled by the output signal of the pulse controller, the filter bag is sprayed and cleared by row (chamber), so that the resistance of the dust collector is kept within the set range, so as to ensure the processing capacity and dust collection efficiency of the dust collector.

Z-type pulse valve is a right Angle valve, the Angle between the inlet and outlet is 90°, which is suitable for the installation connection between the air bag and the spray pipe, and the flow is smooth, and can provide the cleaning gas pulse that meets the requirements.

The Y-type pulse valve is a submerged valve (also known as an embedded valve), and the valve is installed directly on the air bag, which has better flow characteristics. Pressure loss is reduced, suitable for work with low air source pressure.

The T-type electromagnetic pulse valve is a through valve, and the Angle between the intake port is 180°.(The center line of the import and export is the same straight line), the inlet is connected with the gas storage bag, and the outlet is connected with the spray pipe. The air flow is smooth and can provide the cleaning gas pulse that meets the requirements.

How it works:

Diaphragm electromagnetic pulse valve is divided into two chambers, when connected to the compressed air, compressed air through the throttle hole into the back of the air chamber, the back of the air chamber pressure will be the diaphragm close to the valve's output port, the electromagnetic pulse valve is in a "closed" state. The electric pulse signal from the pulse controller makes the armature of the pulse valve move, and the bleeder hole of the back chamber of the valve opens, and the back chamber rapidly loses pressure. The diaphragm moves up, and compressed air is blown through the output port of the valve. The pulse is in the "on" state. Pulse blowing control instrument electric pulse signal disappears, electromagnetic pulse valve armature reset, the back of the air chamber release and hole closure, the back of the air chamber pressure rises so that the diaphragm close to the valve outlet, electromagnetic pulse valve is in the "off" state.


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