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4M100 Series Solenoid Valve

4M100 Series Solenoid Valve

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4M series solenoid valve is a common solenoid valve series, widely used in industrial automation control systems. The following are some characteristics and technical parameters of 4M series solenoid valves in general:

Structure: 4M series solenoid valve is usually composed of valve body, valve core, solenoid, wiring base and other parts.

Working principle: By controlling the solenoid on and off to control the opening and closing of the valve core, to achieve the purpose of controlling the flow of the medium.

Control mode: There are usually straight-through (straight-through solenoid valve) and Angle (Angle solenoid valve) two control modes to choose from.

Applicable pressure: Usually the applicable pressure range of 4M series solenoid valve is 0-1.6MPa, and the specific pressure range can be determined according to the specific model.

Applicable medium: 4M series solenoid valve can be used to control the flow of non-corrosive media such as air, water and oil.

Working temperature: The working temperature range of 4M series solenoid valve is usually -10℃ to 80℃, and the specific range can be determined according to the specific model.

Power supply: 4M series solenoid valve usually uses DC or AC power supply, generally 24V, 220V or other standard voltage.

Please note that the above information is only general features and parameters and does not represent specific model details. If you are interested in a specific model of 4M series solenoid valve, it is recommended that you refer to the product information provided by the relevant manufacturer or contact them for more accurate information.





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