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4V200 Series Solenoid Valve

4V200 Series Solenoid Valve

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The 4V200 series solenoid valve is a common pneumatic component used to control the flow and direction of gas devices. The following are the main features of this series of solenoid valves:

Multiple Models: The 4V200 series solenoid valves are available in a variety of different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

4-Channel Design: This series of solenoid valves typically features 4 channels that provide a variety of different gas flow and directional control options. Each channel typically contains an inlet port, an outlet port and an exhaust port.

Fast Response: The 4V200 series solenoid valves are electromagnetically actuated and have a fast response time to quickly control the on/off and direction of gas flow.

High Pressure Resistance: The solenoid valves in this series can withstand high operating pressures and are suitable for high pressure gas systems.

High reliability: 4V200 series solenoid valves are manufactured with high-quality materials and processes, which have high durability and stability, and can work normally in harsh environments.

Easy installation: 4V200 series solenoid valves usually use threaded connection, easy and quick installation, can be easily connected with air tubes and other pneumatic components.

Overall, 4V200 series solenoid valves are a kind of commonly used pneumatic control components, featuring a wide range of models, fast response, high pressure resistance, high reliability and easy installation. They are widely used in industrial automation, mechanical equipment and pneumatic systems to achieve accurate control of gases.





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